Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Instant Abs --> Instant Sexy.

I was licking the bottom of a Milanos cookie package when I remembered just how important it is to have great abs over the summer: I mean, these are the muscles that are predominantly displayed in the warm weather through bathing suits and crop tops. Guys and girls are forced to tone up, slim down, and prepare themselves for constant display. I suppose we can all benefit from some seriously gorgeous ab action....but who has time for doing thousands of crunches? Not me!!

I have come up with some tips that will help you get those instant abs that will look oh-so-gorgeous in these steamy summer months, but without all the work (because really, who has time for Insanity or P90X when there are all those cookouts to attend?):

1) Take an eyeliner pencil. Draw on a 6 Pack.
2) Find a grill, and lay across it (not while it's lit!). The imprint of the grill bars will basically give you a 12-pack, which will impress EVERYONE.
3) Self-tanner: draw as many abs as you want. I tend to recommend an even number, but don't let me stop you from your creative artistic expression.
4) Chainlink fence: press yourself into it. That diamond imprint into your skin will give an interesting ab imprint that tells people you workout beyond the normal amount.
5) Buy skin colored pantyhose/Spanx/control top girdles. Draw on a 6-pack of abs to that.
6) Buy a superhero costume that already has abs built into it. Tape it to your abdomen. Enjoy compliments, and continue to pose and flex.

You're welcome for such amazing tips. Now go enjoy a cookie. ;)

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